"Liberal Korea Party" is doomed to ruin

KCNA - June 29, 2019

Inter-factional contradiction and conflict are escalating within the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP), a party of conservative traitors of south Korea.

Its representative Hwang Kyo An is mulling purging pro-Park factions, while calling for "party renovation". Now he is handling every work himself with the "elders" excluded.

The pro-Park factions enraged at the "perfidious act" of Hwang, a man who was seated as the representative with their backing, are showing the sign of group secession from the party, complaining that "latecomers are to drive out the owner" and "for whom the party is".

Disruption is the natural end to be met by the "Liberal Korea Party", a dreg of history.

The commonality of ideal is out of argument for the LKP which is just a collection of human rejects leaving no means untried to meet their political greed, political seasonal birds inhabiting here and there and ill-famed conservative riff-raffs.

To look back on history, the "Saenuri Party" that was mired together with the end of traitor Park Geun Hye changed its name into LKP and since then there were non-stop conflict and in-fighting among factions inside the traitorous party.

Pro-Park, anti-Park and genuine-Park factions, middle-of-the-road elements, withdrawal faction, pro-Hwang Kyo An faction and other factions have worked with frenzy for the expansion of their forces.

Still arousing derision and indignation of the south Koreans are the fierce fighting for the posts of the party representative and the floor leader of the party, that for the nomination of candidates of the "National Assemblymen" and the in-fighting still going on over Hwang Kyo An's "emperor-like policy".

The situation proves that the LKP is a group of corrupt men, political philistines and hideous enemies of the people only keen on their own luxury and on ambition for power, clean indifferent to the plight of the people.

Recently this party sought "improving its image" and gaining higher "approval ratings" through what it called "long journey for people" but it was only cold-shouldered by the public.

History shows that those forsaken by the people are fated to ruin.

The destruction of the traitorous party is the inevitability of history.

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