Korean nation's cosmetics with long history

The Korean people have used cosmetics from ancient times.

It is well evidenced by bronze mirror, bronze cosmetic case and other toiletries discovered at such ancient sites and relics as Jongo-dong Tomb No. 1 in Rangnang District of Pyongyang City and Unsong-ri Tomb No. 1 in Unryul County of South Hwanghae Province.

The variety of cosmetics and their manufacturing technique were further diversified in the period of the Three Kingdoms (early 3rd century B.C.-middle 7th century A.D.).

The then women used face powder, rouge, eyebrow pencil and hair oil made from natural substances.

In the Koryo period (918-1392), there appeared handicraftsmen specializing in the production of cosmetics and the manufacturing technique was generalized.

The cosmetics developed in the direction of making the skin glossy and protecting it in the period of the feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910).

Face powder made from mineral substances appeared and the eyebrow pencil made from pine shoot and rapeseed oil was regarded as the best one at that time.

Now, the cosmetics with long history in Korea are further developing as required by the cultural demand of the people.

Source: KCNA - June 25, 2019

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