Japan's invariable ambition for reinvasion

Japan ALOS-3
Japan's Advanced Land Optical Satellite-3 (Photo Credit: JAXA)

Who is peacebreaker in the region?


Japan has become all the more bigoted in its acts against the trend in the region.

Recently the Japanese government allowed the additional deployment of the U.S. RC-135S in a U.S. military base in Japan under the pretext of reinforced monitoring against "missile threats from north Korea". It is now mulling the independent possession of an early warning satellite.

This clearly points to Japan's invariable ambition for reinvasion.

The international community is speaking highly of the pro-active efforts made by the DPRK to turn around the situation on the Korean peninsula and the region inching close to a war to dialogue and reconciliation.

But the Japanese reactionaries have gone wretched enough to draw derision with their push for militarization, backed by a string of rhetoric about "threat". It is none other than Japan that harasses and destroys regional peace.

Japan that earned the ill fame of a defeated nation together with the end of the Second World War has long made desperate efforts for militarist revival with its old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" to avenge the defeat.

It has worked hard for the retrogressive revision of the "Pacifist Constitution that deters it from advance to a war state and for arms buildup, citing "change in security environment due to threats from north Korea" and "a prerequisite to tightened Japan-U.S. alliance". It, on the other hand, has kept to the path of overseas military expansion under the signboard of "international contribution", "active pacifism" and "protection of lives and living of people".

What matters is that this dangerous move has feigned indifference to the advent of the trend of peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region.

At the end of last year, the Japanese politicians in their "defence program guidelines" and "mid-term defence capability buildup outline" described the DPRK as "crucial and urgent threat", openly revealing their aim to expand the sphere of military operation of the "Self-defence Forces" to space, cyber space.

Accordingly, Japan's military spending has now reached an all-time high of 5 257.4 billion¥ and foreign arms and hardware find their unrestricted way to Japan, and getting into full swing are the moves for the organization of new units and development of sophisticated weapons for the buildup of "multi-faceted integrated defence capabilities".

The independent development of the earlier warning satellite recently announced by the government of the island country is just an extension of the moves.

The situation proves that the descendents of Samurais can never change their ambition for reinvasion and their nature as the harasser of peace.

It is truly foolhardy for the Japanese reactionaries to get intent on such thoughtless moves, with blind eyes turned to the prestige of the DPRK and the trend of the times.

Such wild act will only trigger off stronger rebuff from the world people loving peace and justice, and bring another defeat.

If Japan has an iota of perception, it will clearly see without the help of the earlier warning satellite the "missiles" blasting off toward it from different parts of the world, carrying hatred, curse and resentment against it.

(KCNA, June 28, 2019)

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