Japan's sinister intention in SDF overseas operation

Maritime "Self-Defense Force" of Japan
Ships from the US Navy, Indian Navy, Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" and the Philippine Navy sail together in the South China Sea, May 5. (Photo JMSDF)

Commentary in Minju Joson

The Maritime "Self-Defense Force" of Japan joined the U.S.-led drills in the Pacific in May.

The escort ship of the Maritime SDF Izumo, a de facto aircraft carrier, has conducted a long-term drill in the Pacific since late April. It will reportedly return home on July 10.

Japan recently decided to extend the presence of SDF in South Sudan related to UN peace-keeping activities for a year.

Like this, Japan's SDF is conducting overseas operations comprehensively and offensively.

Such moves of Japan are being legalized under the pretext of joint drills and the signboard of "contribution" to global peace.

Japan, dispatching its SDF overseas, tries to give impression that it has made tangible contribution to ensuring regional stability and peace. But it is just preposterous. "Cooperation" with "self-defense" force of a war criminal state is wanted nowhere in the world. On the contrary, SDF's world travel only strains regional situation.

It is the sinister intention of Japan to make the overseas dispatch of SDF routine and pave with ease the path for overseas aggression.

Japan seeks to use SDF forces operational in various parts of the world as vanguard for overseas aggression in contingency.
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