Japan should mind its poor plight


By Jo Thaek Bom

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan stipulated in its recently published election commitments that "it strongly urges north Korea's complete abandonment of nukes and missiles and repatriation of all abductees."

The above-said fact brought to light the Japanese reactionaries' inveterate bad blood toward the DPRK.

Japanese reactionaries are desperately working to divert the international community's vigilance away from their moves for launching overseas expansion by straining the regional situation at any cost. That's why they find fault with everything done by the DPRK.

Japan had better mind its poor plight, instead of resorting to the hostile policy toward the DPRK, which is bound to end in futile.

The Japanese reactionaries are spouting a load of rubbish like "complete abandonment of nukes and missiles" and "repatriation of all abductees" in a bid to defame the dignity of the DPRK, but they can never conceal their sinister intention with such rhetoric.

The Japanese reactionaries are well advised to ponder over why Japan is being treated as an outcast.

They should behave themselves if they want good reception.

No one will take notice of evil-minded Japan which always accuses others, far from making a contribution to the hard-won peaceful trend in the region.

The Japanese reactionaries' persistent mischievous acts out of inveterate hostility toward the DPRK will only bring disgrace and isolation to them.

(Abridgment of KCNA - June 19, 2019


Errand Abe in front of Supreme Leader of Islamic revoltution.

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