Japan has no face to accuse DPRK

By Kim Su Jin

At a recent press conference Japanese Foreign Minister Kono termed the rocket launch of the DPRK an "explicit violation of the resolution" of the UN Security Council. The Japanese minister of Defense echoed his rubbish at an international conference on the issue of Asia-Pacific security recently held in Singapore.

Japan has neither qualification nor face to take issue with the DPRK over its drills for defense.

Lurking behind its absurd charge is its risky design to put spurs to its moves for becoming a military giant and launching reinvasion, which it has long pushed forward.

Now the ruling forces of Japan are desperately working to revise the present Constitution that puts brake on realization of their wild dream for overseas expansion. It means they want to turn Japan into a war state.

No wonder, they are trying to specify the "Self-Defense Forces" as army in the Article 9 of the Constitution.

What the Japanese reactionaries sharpening the sword for reinvasion will do after turning Japan into a military giant is as plain as a pikestaff.

They seek to repeat the period when they lorded it over Asian people under the signboard of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

Their frequent accusations against the DPRK are to justify their scheme for turning Japan into a military giant and realizing the wild dream for reinvasion.

KCNA abridgment of Rodong Sinmun (ko) - June 11, 2019
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