Growing reverence for Kim Jong Un in South Korea

By Choe Yong Nam

South Korean people from all walks of life lavish praise on Chairman Kim Jong Un of the DPRK State Affairs Commission for ushering in a new era of national reconcilia-tion, unity, peace and prosperity as he shapes the course of the situation in the Korean peninsula and beyond with his outstanding political acumen and extraordinary intelligence.

Progressive youth and students recently renamed the "Paektu guard of the Seoul action group for overpowering the forces that interrupt inter-Korean summit talks" which was inaugurated in November last year “Paektu guard of the action group for overpowering the forces that interrupt the implementation of the April 27 Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration” and expressed their determination to further intensify their activities.

At the meeting they said that through the Panmunjom declaration and the Pyongyang joint declaration "all the people have deeply been struck by the unassuming personality and great magnanimity of Chairman Kim Jong Un and all the southerners have seen the looks of the outstanding leader of the Korean nation and the true appearance of the north".

The south Korean progressive federation of university students consisting of progressive youth and students’ movement organizations formed the "Chairman Kim Jong Un study group" early this year and has conducted brisk activities. Saying that everyone who met the Chairman heaps praise on his personality as a great man, the group stresses the need for university students who are desirous of an era of peace, prosperity and reunification to be well aware of him. And it has conducted a variety of activities including the publication of his brief history and revolutionary activities and collection of his speeches as data books and the posting of articles on the internet.

In particular, it has run seminars on his personality traits as a great man and his leadership exploits and recently held the first meeting to release the study results in Seoul on a large scale.

(Pyongyang Times - June 16, 2019)
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