Exploits for building Juche-oriented party

By Rodong Sinmun - June 19, 2019

June 19, Juche 53 (1964) is the day that marked the steady continuation of the sacred history and traditions of the WPK began on Mt Paektu, and an occasion that had an epoch-making effect on accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Kim Jong Il's guidance over the party shines with the history of succession run through with his intense loyalty and devotion to the revolutionary cause of the leader, with the miraculous history characterized by landmark changes in all fields of the revolution and construction and with the glorious history which laid the eternal foundation for the final completion of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

To look back on history, a series of complicated situation developed due to the aggression and counterrevolutionary moves of the imperialists and the neo-revisionists on the international arena in the 1960s.

Kim Jong Il who started his work at the Central Committee of the WPK at this time set it as the issue of utmost importance for the accomplishment of the cause of socialism to strengthen the party organizationally and ideologically, and provided wise guidance for its materialization.

It was attributable to his outstanding leadership that our party could demonstrate its invincible might and lead the country and the people with full responsibility for their destiny despite the massive political upheaval of successive collapse of ruling political parties in socialist countries.

Invincible and ever-lasting will be the exploits of Kim Jong Il who blazed a trail of building the revolutionary party to develop the WPK into the organizer and guide of all victories of our people and thus provided a sure guarantee for the advance of the socialist cause and the eternal future of the country.

(Abridgment by KCNA - June 19, 2019)

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