DPRK-China friendship through upheavals of history

By Ri Chol Hyok

DPRK-China relationship is an invincible friendly one which is closely bound by militant friendship and trust.

DPRK-China friendship further consolidated through upheavals of history

During the protracted revolutionary struggle, revolutionaries of the DPRK and China fought shoulder to shoulder for the common cause. In those days their sense of fidelity as close revolutionary comrades-in-arms was deepened and comradely trust solidified.

The leaders of the old generation of the two countries provided the historical root of DPRK-China friendship and grew it strongly.

President Kim Il Sung established solid comradely relations with Chinese revolutionaries at a time when he was organizing and commanding the great anti-Japanese war for liberating Korea in vast areas of the homeland and Northeast China with Mt. Paektu as its axis.

Vividly engraved in every battle zone of anti-Japanese war is the world of noble devotion and internationalist fidelity of Kim Il Sung who provided the precious tradition of DPRK-China friendship, defying death hand in hand with revolutionaries of China.

Feats performed by a number of martyrs who self-sacrificingly fought for victory of the revolution and common ideal of the two countries during the great anti-Japanese war became a valuable foundation for growing a large tree of DPRK-China friendship.

When a civil war broke out in China after the defeat of Japanese imperialism, revolutionaries and peoples of the two countries fought shoulder to shoulder and further deepened the feelings of friendship forged in the days of the bloody anti-Japanese war.

A large number of sons and daughters of Korea unhesitatingly sacrificed their precious lives and blood for the birth of a new China in fierce battles in the China proper and in the course of advancing a long distance as far as Hainan Dao, to say nothing of operations to liberate Changchun, Jilin and Shenyang that brought about a decisive turn in the war for liberating Northeast China.

Even when our country was placed under the very difficult condition right after its liberation, Kim Il Sung assisted the Chinese revolution both materially and morally including sending huge amounts of military munitions such as weapons, ammunitions, explosives, medicines, etc on many occasions. And he even went to Dandong of China in person and took strategic and tactical measures to make a fundamental change in the front situation.

A Chinese publication said:

Led by President Kim Il Sung, the Workers' Party of Korea, the DPRK government, the Korean People’s Army and broad segments of Korean people selflessly aided wars of liberating northeast areas and the whole of China though they were under the difficult conditions in which everything had to be rehabilitated immediately after the liberation of Korea. Comrade Mao Zedong said that the five-star red flag of the People’s Republic of China is permeated with the blood shed by Korean martyrs.

The might of the blood-sealed ties and friendship between the peoples of the DPRK and China forged and consolidated in the flames of fierce war against the Japanese imperialists and the domestic revolution of China was fully demonstrated in days of the fatherland liberation war of the Korean people.

On October 25, 1950, the Chinese Party and government, regarding the trials of the Korean people as their own, dispatched the volunteers composed of fine sons and daughters of the Chinese people to the Korean front under the banner of “Resisting America and Aiding Korea, Safeguarding the Home and Defending the Motherland”.

A lot of Chinese volunteers sacrificed their precious youth in the Korean War. Among them are Mao Anying, the son of Mao Zedong, and Hero Huang Jiguang who covered the firing muzzle of the enemy machinegun with his body for the victory of his unit in a battle on Sanggam Pass.

The entry of the Chinese People’s Volunteers into the Korean War even under so difficult conditions after the People’s Republic of China was just founded is a manifestation of the revolutionary obligation made in the course of the common struggle against imperialism and a living example of proletarian internationalism.

Even now the Korean people do not forget soldiers of the Chinese People’s Volunteers who shed their blood over mountains and fields of Korea during the extremely hard-fought war and hand down their feats generation after generation.

The tradition of blood bonds and friendly relations between the two countries that have surmounted all trials, sharing bitters and sweets with each other, has been steadily strengthened and developed on the basis of the comradely trust and revolutionary obligation between the leaders of the two countries.

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited China for the first time in the 80s of the last century and deepened comradeship and friendship with the leaders of China, thus making the DPRK-China friendship incessantly consolidated and developed generation after generation and century after century. Entering the new century, too, he visited China on several occasions, adorning the annals of the DPRK-China friendship with immortal exploits.

In those days, peoples of the two countries struggled for socialism hand in hand, supporting and cooperating with each other.

There is a saying that a deep-rooted tree never sways in the wind and the spring from deep underground does not dry up.

Even when anti-socialist moves of the imperialists got more frantic and radical change took place in relations among countries after the end of the cold war, deep-rooted DPRK-China friendship never shook.

The DPRK-China friendship which has been proved and consolidated through all kinds of trials and upheavals of history has entered a new stage of development today.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and Comrade Xi Jinping deepened particular comradeship and friendly relations through several meetings and expressed their will to usher in full upsurge in the DPRK-China friendship as required by the new era.

The DPRK-China friendship is valuable legacy bequeathed by the revolutionaries of the elder generation of the two countries and the precious treasure common to the two peoples.

The long history of development of the DPRK-China friendly relations proved that any challenge could be met and enormous strength be demonstrated only when the two countries struggle hand in hand.

It is the unchangeable will of the parties and peoples of the DPRK and China to steadfastly uphold and glorify forever the great tradition of DPRK-China friendship forged and consolidated by the elder generations, sharing the life and death and intention and feelings with each other.

Rodong Sinmun (en) - June 22, 2019 (without abridgment)
Rodong Sinmun (ko) - June 22, 2019 (original text)

Invincible DPRK-China Friendship Never Changeable on Socialist Road

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