Double-dealing tactics will never work


KCNA - June 17, 2019

Japan's double-dealing attitude of trumpeting about policy for negotiations with the DPRK on one hand and of getting bent on sanctions and pressure on the other hand has aroused suspicion of the international community.

The Japan Liberal Democratic Party included such malicious and provocative phrases as "maximum pressure", "complete abandonment of nuclear and missile development" and "immediate repatriation of all abductees" in its commitment over the election of members of the House of Councilors on June 7.

The election commitment of the ruling political party led by incumbent Prime Minister Abe offers a glimpse to the Japanese government's future DPRK policy.

The Japanese reactionaries' deep-running hostility toward the DPRK can never change just as a crow can not be whiter for often washing.

Japan has long been divested of its justification and qualifications to get involved in the present trend for detente as it had done great disservice, steadily fanning up the exacerbation of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

Japan has struggled hard to get rid of "alienation", trumpeting about "cost for denuclearization" only to be snubbed by the public at home and abroad.

Recently the heavyweights of the Japanese government get vocal for sort of dialogue to give impression that there is a change in the policy toward the DPRK and in its attitude to negotiations. But the discrepancy in its words and acts has instead touched off greater suspicion.

As proven by the situation it is Japan which is keen on the futile sanctions racket, imploring for tightened pressure on the DPRK in the international arena and intensifying military actions in the region as never before.

The Japanese government's DPRK policy is the height of shamelessness and double-sidedness. Double-dealing tactics will never work.

The Liberal Democratic Party's election commitment to diplomacy commanding the globe is truly doubtful as Japan now finds itself in utterly deplorable situation of being ostracized in the region.

It had better learn elementary ethics of political diplomacy.

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