Does Japan want to be defeated again?


The military overseas advance of Japan has gotten into strides.

The frequent military actions of the "Self-Defense Forces" render the Asia-Pacific region truly restive.

In early May the biggest warship Izumo of the Maritime "Self-Defense Force" carrying an amphibious task force conducted a joint drill with naval forces of three countries including the U.S. in the South Sea of China. In mid-May it was involved in the military drill with France, Australia and the U.S. in the Indian Ocean.

Japan is going to kick off joint military drills with the U.S. in the Pacific Ocean. To this end, the Ronald Reagan nuclear aircraft carrier task force of the United States left the Yokosuka Base on May 22.

Japan's sphere of military operation is not confined to the region only.

The Japanese government recently decided to extend the presence of SDF in South Sudan for a year under the pretext of UN peace-keeping activities.

In April it dispatched SDF personnel as members of the multinational army and surveillance group to the Sinai peninsula of Egypt by invoking the "security legislation." It thus secured the pretext and precedent for taking part not only in peace-keeping activities controlled by the UN but also U.S.-led multinational military operations.

Military moves of Japan targeting the whole world are just a wanton violation of its constitution whose keynote is "exclusive defense" and the international pacts stipulating the status of Japan as a war criminal state and a defeated nation. It is also a manifestation of the policy of aggression being pursued by the Japanese reactionaries to put the overseas advance of the SDF on a regular basis and realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion at any cost.

By calming down the vigilance and concern of the international community through frequent overseas dispatch of SDF under various pretexts and thus making it daily occurrence, the Japanese reactionaries are seeking to turn Japan into a war state and revive its military forces with ease.

Expressing deep concern over Japan's moves to scale up its military role with no proper reflection done for the militaristic aggression in the past century, the south Korean newspaper Hangyore reported as follows on May 30:

"Japan's moves to emerge as a military giant are being emboldened by its conformity to the U.S. strategic aim to contain the growth of China. But there is a strong possibility that it will cause China's additional military buildup and give rise to arms race in Northeast Asia by focusing the public opinion in south Korea on arms buildup. Japan should make a sincere reflection and apology for the past aggression before becoming a 'normal state eligible to fight a war.'"

As seen above, the international community including the Asian people who had been suppressed by the Japanese imperialists in the past century will never overlook the unlimited overseas dispatch of SDF.

Japan should be mindful that its reckless overseas expansion ambition can bring about the second day of defeat

Does Japan want to be defeated again?

(KCNA - Jnne 6, 2019)
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