Despicable nature of Hwang Kyo An

By Choe So Il
Rodong Sinmun

I disclose the true colors of Hwang Kyo An, representative of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) who is a despicable human scum with a veneer of politician in south Korea.

Hwang has killed a lot of innocent people for decades to earn an ill fame as a fascist "public security prosecutor".

Hang Kyo An is a heinous murderer who deserves bitter denunciation of the entire nation as he attempted to turn a sea of candle lights into a sea of blood with the same fascist temper as that of traitors Park Chung-Hee and Chun Doo Hwan, the worst dictators and murderers.

Hwang leaves no stone unturned to bury in oblivion all his crimes of the past, claiming that he made a stabilized performance of state affairs during his term of office as an "acting president", but he can never cover up the true colors of murderer in human skin.

Hwang behaves himself as a politician, crying out for democracy and livelihood of the people after seizing the seat of the representative of LKP. It is the height of impudence.

He set himself against the hard-won climate of peace on the Korean peninsula to enrage all the Koreans. He has prolonged his remaining days in the era of confrontation and is running amuck with blood to turn the north-south relations back to those before the adoption of the Panmunjom Declaration.

Traitor Hwang will clearly know before long that his foolish act of swimming against the trend of the times and public mindset leads to a miserable end.

(KCNA - June 8, 2019)
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