Demand for Unjong Tea increases in DPRK

Tea is getting more popular among the Korean people at present.

In particular, the demand for Unjong Tea is increasing with each passing day.

(1) Unjong Tea

According to experts, Unjong Tea contains various ingredients and vitamins with different pharmacological action.

In the country, there are many public catering establishments serving Unjong Tea.

Ri Sung In, an official of the Pyongyang Railway Bureau, told KCNA at the Unbangul Teahouse in Changgwang Street of Pyongyang that he frequents the teahouse to taste green tea, the best among the kinds of Unjong Tea, the taste of which is very fresh and clean.

(2) Unjong Tea

Wang Yuefei, director of the tea institute under Zhejiang University in China, said that Unjong Tea has a peculiar taste and Kangryong green tea in particular would show its strong competitive power in international market.

The tea tree cultivation in the DPRK began in the 1980s under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung.

He personally planted a tea sapling in his house to conduct its test cultivation and saw to it that this tea plant was spread over the country.

Chairman Kim Jong Il took a step for deepening the research into cultivation of the tea plant and named the tea made with its leaves "Unjong Tea".

The warm care shown by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the people's tea culture has been further carried forward by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Jo Chun Gun, department director of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the ministry would raise the tea output 5-6 times in a few years by expanding the tea-growing area and putting the processing of tea leaves on a scientific basis of higher level. -

Source: KCNA - June 26, 2019

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