Anti-government atmosphere grows in Japan

By Song Jong Ho
The Pyongyang Times - June 16, 2019

The Japanese people are raising their voices against the relocation of the US airbase in Futenma to Henoko.

About 5 000 locals from all walks of life turned out in a recent protest action taken in front of the office building of the Diet.

The participants expressed indignation at the relocation project that is being enforced despite the fact that over 70 percent of residents came out against the relocation in a referendum of Okinawa Prefecture last February. They said that the government can never go against the will of residents in the prefecture.

Residents held a meeting near Saga Airport on May 26 against the Ground Self-Defence Force’s programme to introduce the US-made Osprey transport plane.

Unrest is mounting among the residents as the plane has crashed one after another in Japan and other parts of the world.

About 600 locals who took part in the meeting censured the authorities who do not care for the locals’ lives and property, saying the deployment of the plane would severely damage environment.

However, the authorities are planning to forcibly press ahead with the relocation and deployment projects under the pretext of national defence.

Then, why are they trying to relocate the US military base as they purchase the latter’s military hardware?

Japan is giving much profits to the US as it imports the master’s weapons.

As far as its defence programme is concerned, which was made public last year, Japan reportedly plans to purchase the US-made ground-based missile defence system Aegis Ashore and over 100 F-35 stealth fighters in five years.

The present Japanese authorities scheme to curry favour with the US even by victimizing the security of its people and then win great support from the latter so as to realize its militaristic ambition.

The more they kowtow to the US against the will of the public, the stronger the locals’ anti-government sentiment will grow.
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