Will of Korean people to surely force Japan to pay for its crimes

Issue of Tok Island
Blue Book
By Jo Thaek Bom
Rodong Sinmun

Japan noted again in its 2019 diplomatic blue book that Tok Island is part of their "territory".

It is a vivid manifestation of the Japanese reactionaries' inveterate wild ambition for reinvasion and territorial expansion.

The Japanese reactionaries are insisting on its "dominium" over Tok Island, which is meant to invent a pretext for reinvading Korea.

The more undisguised moves of the Japanese reactionaries for reinvasion will only harden the will of the Korean people to surely force Japan to pay for its crimes.

Such moves of the Japanese reactionaries, seized with the futile old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," will only lead them to self-destruction.

It is the will of the Korean people never to tolerate the risky moves of Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries should not act rashly, aware of what consequences they would face when the Korean people give vent to their pent-up indignation.

(KCNA - May 15, 2019)

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