Visit opens a new chapter of DPRK-Russia ties

By Pyongyang Times

Amidst the great interest and expectations of the world Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok of Russia in April, writing a new chapter of the traditional DPRK-Russia relationship.

The two countries boast a long history of friendship and cooperation forged by the preceding leaders, especially the friendship as comrades-in-arms between Kim Il Sung and Stalin and friendly relations between Chairman Kim Jong Il and President Putin in the new century.

The recent DPRK-Russia summit meeting fully demonstrated to the world the solidity of the close bilateral friendship which has ridden out the storm of history century after century.

President Putin warmly greeted the Supreme Leader and accorded cordial hospitality to him by sending the honour guard of the three services of the Russian federal armed forces, military band and performing artists to Vladivostok, a week travel by train from Moscow.

At the talks there the leaders of the two countries had a serious discussion on further promoting mutual understanding and trust, friendship and cooperation.

Both sides agreed on concrete directions and measures to boost bilateral relations including the issues of increasing exchange of high-level visits like summit meetings and contacts, strengthening cooperation, exchange and collaboration between governments, parliaments, organizations and regions, taking practical steps to enhance the role of inter-governmental committees for cooperation in trade, economy and science and technology of the two countries and promoting equally beneficial economic and trade relations onto a higher level, and reached a satisfactory consensus on issues of immediate cooperation.

Also discussed at the talks were the ways to strengthen strategic communication and tactical collaboration between the DPRK and Russia in the management of the unstable Korean peninsula and regional situation after the second DPRK-US summit talks.

Both sides agreed to promote mutual understanding and ties more closely and intensify strategic cooperation to ensure regional peace and security.

Quoting a proverb which says “United strength can even move a mountain (Unity is a precious diamond),” President Putin promised proactive cooperation with the DPRK.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un told the banquet hosted by the Russian President that the Korean people will remember forever the internationalist feats performed by the sons and daughters of Russia who laid down their lives for the cause of Korea’s liberation. He also laid a wreath at the Monument to Military Glory of the Pacific Fleet, clearly expressing the friendly feeling of the Korean people to the Russian counterpart.

The recent DPRK-Russia summit meeting was a great event which marked a turning point in bolstering up the bilateral relationship with a long history in line with the requirements of the new era under the new situations.

(Pyongyang Times- May 21, 2019)
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