US wants DPRK's food shortage

DPRK farming, main front for prosperous country

DPRK newspapers call for doing well this year's farming

Newspapers of the DPRK in their editorials on Saturday say that to decisively increase this year's grain production is a very important work to realize the idea of the Workers' Party of Korea for building a powerful socialist country.

It is imperative to concentrate all efforts and means on urgent rice transplanting in order to attain this year's goal of grain production set by the Party, Rodong Sinmun says, and goes on:

We should defend the prestige of the Party Central Committee in every way and strikingly demonstrate the invincibility of Korean-style socialism by doing well this year's farming at any cost.

The hostile forces who don't want us to become prosperous and well-off are seeking to make our people undergo shortage of food, bring to collapse their faith in socialism and thus subdue us. We should do rice transplanting in a proper way at the right time, make a breakthrough for increased grain production and thus deal a telling blow to the hostile forces.

If the food problem is solved, the people will be provided with a stable life and their revolutionary zeal and creativity will be fully displayed to powerfully step up the socialist construction.

The officials and working people in the agricultural sector and all other people should give full play to their patriotic enthusiasm in the rice transplanting campaign, well aware of their duty as those in charge of building a powerful socialist country.

Minju Joson calls on the officials and working people in all fields and units to make a tangible contribution to thoroughly implementing the agricultural policy of the Party and preserving and glorifying Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses by rendering great labor and material assistance to the agricultural front.

(KCNA - May 18, 2019)
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