Unarmed, capable, missiles fly over patience

DPRK test-firing of missiles

In twitter, Comrade Natalie launched following remarks at the news of DPRK firing short range missiles:

"It has been confirmed that in fact *several* missiles were successfully launched and flew hundreds of kilometers 😊 Gotta say its been awhile and I'm excited for some beautiful new launch footage. Indeed a treasured sword for the very survival of the Korean people and revolution.

"Any successful test should be warmly welcomed by the progressive people of the world in the face of U.S. hostility and particularly at this time when the state of DPRK-US reconciliation reaches a standstill. The program remains the only thing holding the genocidal beast at bay 🙌

"This is the way it just has to be since the U.S. imperialists have not fundamentally changed their calculation and stand towards peace and reconciliation. They declined the excellent deal offered to them, and nobody can be blamed more than the Bolton cabal salivating for war."

DPRK and USA missiles
(Captured image of Google News Search)

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