To contribute to construction of socialist power is main duty of mass media of our party

collection of works of Kim Jong Il
Ko Yong Guk
Rodong Sinmun

May 7 marks the 45th anniversary of publication of Chairman Kim Jong Il's work "Our Party’s Media Is a Powerful Ideological Weapon Which Contributes to Modeling the Whole of Society on Kimilsungism".

The work, published on May 7, Juche 63 (1974), serves as the great immortal programme and priceless ideological and theoretical wealth as it illuminates the most correct road for our Party’s media to invariably defend its revolutionary character as the media of the leader and to make tangible contribution to accomplishing the Juche-oriented revolutionary cause.

The work clearly elucidates the basic mission and task facing Kimilsungist media and important issues arising in bringing about a revolution in newspapers, news services and publications.

Since the publication of the work, the Party's media has successfully fulfilled the function and role for positively defending, explaining and implementing the Party policies in the face of the complicated situation and the vicious moves by the imperialists to stifle the DPRK.

Our media could, with the look of the Juche-type media, successfully perform its mission as an ideological weapon for encouraging the popular masses to defend socialism and the Party policies in the great drive to build a powerful socialist country in the most difficult periods of the arduous march and forced march and in the new century. It is inseparable from the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il.

The Workers’ Party of Korea remains unchanged in its mode of struggle for resolving every problem and accelerating the revolution on the strength of ideology and information and agitation.

Journalists and other men of the pen should bring about another dynamic revolution in media and thus have the media successfully fulfill the mission and duty as a mighty ideological weapon for the building of a powerful socialist country.
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