Talents, science and technology are engine for developing self-supporting economy

ARTICLE by Hong Jin Hyok
Rodong Sinmun - May 27, 2019

Only when a country attaches importance to talents and prioritizes sci-tech development, it can ceaselessly increase the sci-tech power and thus develop the economy in an all-round and comprehensive way.

Even a small country can rank itself among powers and undergo a remarkable development if it has a wealth of talent. On the contrary, if a country, though it is big, lacks talents, its vast territory and rich resources will become worthless and its prospects for prosperity are dim.

Knowledge competition constitutes the main current in the contest of national power among countries, which can be said, in its essence, the brain and knowledge contest of talents.

The socio-economic development depends on how to quickly produce more talents and give fuller play to their ability than others. This hard reality proves that talents serve as the main strategic resources of a country and a nation and as powerful forces responsible for hastening social progress and prosperity.

Only when we depend on our sci-tech talents, we can give full play to our self-supporting economic foundation and potentials. Then, we can bring the tremendous strength of all people with their constitution of self-reliance and their hearts burning with patriotic and creative zeal to substantial successes in the economic construction.

The socialist economic construction has become a serious political matter and fierce confrontation with the enemy, not merely an economic technical issue. So, only when we give top priority to science and technology, we can frustrate the enemy's sanctions. Then, we can accelerate the development of our self-supporting economy on the strength of self-development and self-reliance.

Abridgment of 05/25/2019 Rodong Sinmun (ko) by Rodong Sinmun (en)


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