Syrian government forces expanding their success

By Kim Sung Gol
Rodong Sinmun

SANA photo

Armed forces of the Syria government made a series of military operations to counter anti-government forces, expanding its gains.

On May 11, Syrian government forces broke through the administrative borderline of Idleb Governorate northwestern countryside and seized two small towns. The government forces also clobbered two positions of anti-government forces in the agricultural area of Idleb Governorate southern countryside. Before this, on May 9, Syrian government forces fought against anti-government forces in Hama Governorate northern countryside. The government side recaptured Tal Hawash and Al-Karkat.

These military actions went on after first vice-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic proclaimed that every countryside would come back under control of the government. In a press meeting, he remarked that Idleb Governorate, northern region, and northeastern region would be liberated. He also said that Syria was ready to hold fast to national unity by its policy, emphasizing that in Syrian land, neither other political groups nor any forces supported by the foreign power could exist.

The recent situation in Syria flows positively.

The international terrorist organization "Islamic State" lost its control region nearly all, facing the destiny of extinction. Syrian government forces removed terrorists from more than 90% area. Utilizing the momentum, they intensified the offensive. Syria is about to recover Idleb and Hama governorates.

According to reports, fifty thousand villains now concentrate in Idleb Governorate.

Rumors wandered around that the government troops, worn by a prolonged period of combat, might put off Idleb Governorate offensive for a while. However, it is the government forces of Syria that gain continuously. Syrian government forces are at a higher level mentally and physically as before.

As Syrian government forces act more briskly, so oppositional forces and external influences scheme more dastardly.

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that impure forces seized a small town in Idleb  Governorate southern countryside with a plan to use chlorine gas in a subsequent attack in the future.

Maneuvers of residual forces that belonged to the international terrorist organization "Islamic State" cannot be ignorable also.

Despite the disintegration of their footholds, nobody can forecast what their action will be, because terrorists are determined to do anything by their extremism. They are watching for a chance to attack, skulking around places like a desert.

Maneuvers of external forces also go heavier.

The western influence spread the story that there will be a power vacuum where power struggles among various forces will fill in if the U.S. troops withdraw from Syria. They portray the Syrian government as a "pulseless" regime.

However, it is the Syrian government that is superior in all aspects, taking the initiative firmly.

Experts evaluate that it won't be long before Syria regains its serenity.

(KCNA - May 23, 2019)
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