Kim Jong Un sends centenarian birthday spread to Hwang Sun Hwi

Kim Jong Un Has with Participants in 5th War Veterans Conference, July 27, 2018.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un greets anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter Hwang Sun Hui during the photo session with participants in 5th War Veterans Conference, July 27, 2018. (Photo Credit KCNA)

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a birthday spread to anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter Hwang Sun Hui, curator of the Korean Revolution Museum, on her centenarian birthday.

She was born in an alien land on May 3, Juche 8 (1919), was deprived of her family by the Japanese imperialists in her early years and wandered to seek a way for living. She led a genuine life and grew up to be a revolutionary under the care of President Kim Il Sung.

She worked as a branch chief of the Children’s Corps in her early years under the guidance of the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk before joining the Korean People's Revolutionary Army and taking part in many battles including the Battle of Jiansanfeng and devoting her all to accomplishing the historic cause of national liberation.

President Kim Il Sung took benevolent steps, paying special attention to her health and life after the liberation of the country, and made sure that she conducted the Party work at the Korean Revolution Museum.

Chairman Kim Jong Il took care of her work and life and saw to it that photo and data of Hwang Sun Hui were displayed at the room "The Great Leaders and Comrades-in-Arms" of the Korean Revolution Museum.

Working as a leading official of the museum under the care of the President and the Chairman, she remained single-mindedly loyal to the guidance of the Party.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to her health and sent his autograph representing his paternal love so that she would live full of energy despite her advanced age.

She devotedly worked for the Party and revolution, the country and people as a member of the leadership organ of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly and was awarded the Party and state commendations like Order of Kim Il Sung, Order of Kim Jong Il, the title of Hero of the Republic twice and the title of Labor Hero.

The birthday spread sent by Kim Jong Un was conveyed to her on Friday.

(KCNA - May 3, 2019)
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