Self-destructive acts of South Korean conservatives


Recently in south Korea the conservative forces including the "Liberal Korea Party" are going mad with confrontation, while labeling our righteous strike drills as "provocation".

The LKP is spouting a load of abuse every day, remarking that they should regard the north's missile fire as provocation and take issue with it in a strong and serious manner, and the north's move is tantamount to the declaration that 50 million people have been held as nuclear hostages.

The representative of the party Hwang Kyo An is in the vanguard of such racket.

The confrontation maniac Hwang is hell bent on malicious propaganda in Taegu and other areas, saying that "the north fired missiles one after another and if it fires missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, they will land right in Seoul, Taegu and North Kyongsang Province."

The "Parun Mirae Party" cried out for putting joint military exercises with the U.S. on a regular basis and resuming the intensive drills, while blatantly branding our military drills as "a breach of the Panmunjom Declaration and an express violation of the UN resolution".

This is a mad act which can be done only by the worst-ever confrontation maniacs having an old evil habit of finding fault with the fellow countrymen.

They wholeheartedly welcomed their master’s dangerous anti-DPRK war drills and fire of ICBM targeting the Korean peninsula. But they are desperately blasting the just drills we performed on our land to defend the security of the country and nation. This shows well how much they went mad about confrontation with the fellow countrymen and sycophancy toward big powers.

What's more, the conservative forces who have slandered the historic north-south declarations and the agreement in the military field supported by all the compatriots ever since they were adopted, are now talking about a "breach of declaration" by someone. This is the height of absurdity and illogicality.

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the conservatives intensify the offensive against the present regime by taking the advantage of this.

The conservative group of traitors is pouring scorn on the present regime and putting political pressure on it, while crying out for "re-examining the policy toward the north" and "tightening anti-DPRK sanctions through south Korea-U.S. alliance and international cooperation".

They seek to justify their past criminal acts of driving the inter-Korean relations to the brink of war by inflaming consciousness of confrontation with the fellow countrymen, and in this way they try to provide favorable conditions and circumstances for realizing their ambition to seize "power". This is their true intention.

No matter how desperately the traitors who are crazy about confrontation with the fellow countrymen and seizure of power may struggle to turn the stream of history back to the past dark era, this will get nowhere.

At present in south Korea, the struggle for disbanding the LKP has turned into the second candlelight demo.

According to the public petition billboard of Chongwadae, the number of petitioners demanding the disbandment of the LKP has reached over 1.8 million.

This directly shows that the hideous conservative confrontation maniacs are bound to face the severe punishment by the nation.

The south Korean conservative group is fated to rush toward destruction.

(KCNA - May 22, 2919)
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