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Hana Music Information Center, Pyongyang
Hana Music Information Center, Pyongyang
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Following is a TASS report:

Expert: The popularity of Soviet and Russian films is growing in DPRK

According to the Pyongyang Hana Music and Information Center, the most beloved Russian film in the country is Eldar Ryazanov’s comedy "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath"

Pyongyang, May 12th. / Corr. TASS Evgeny Agoshkov. DPRK residents enjoy watching Soviet and Russian films, as well as listening to popular Russian songs, and now they have more opportunities to get to know Russian music and cinema. Representatives of the Pyongyang Hana Music and Information Center, which is the largest electronic library of films and music in the republic, told the TASS correspondent about this.

"The Korean people love Russian songs very much, because they are very melodious and romantic," said Son Un Pyol, guide of the center. At the same time, at the request of the TASS correspondent to perform some favorite Russian melody, the center staff members instantly found several songs in the electronic library and sang to the accompaniment of the stereo system of the song "Do not think about moments" and "Moscow Nights."

As Son Un Pyol noted, the most popular Russian film in the DPRK is Eldar Ryazanov’s comedy "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath". According to her, this film is shown on Korean Central Television several times a year, especially often on New Year's holidays. Many residents of the people’s Republic have seen this picture repeatedly and know its contents almost by heart.

A new Russian film, which currently broadcasts DPRK television, is the series "Liquidation" about post-war Odessa. According to Son Un Pyol, it is very popular with Koreans. According to her, many girls in the DPRK are secretly in love with Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov, the leading actor in this television movie.

The electronic library of the Pyongyang Music and Information Center "Hana" contains more than 90 thousand musical works and films. There are also notes of operas, books on musical literature, data on artists and musical instruments from various countries. The center is equipped with two spacious rooms with modern computer equipment that allows you to listen to music and watch movies. For professionals and connoisseurs of music, a special listening room with 30 seats is equipped, in which a multichannel acoustic system is installed, creating the effect of being in a concert hall.

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Source: 2019/05/12 ТАСС
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