Russia performs naval exercises in Pacific and Black Sea

Admiral Gorshkov

Russia's Northern Fleet frigate Admiral Gorshkov conducted an exercise searching for submarines in the central water area of the Pacific, southeast of the Hawaiian Islands on May 25.

In the drill, the sailors performed the searching task with the deck-based aviation and airborne sonar equipment, polishing up their skill using anti-submarine weapon systems.

The drill was conducted in the midst of the ship's mission duration of long-range navigation.

Smetlivyy (Smart)

Before this, May 23, two frigates and two patrol ships conducted gunfire exercises in the Black Sea.

The frigates Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen performed dummy firing drills with Kalibr cruise missile systems. They "attacked" the patrol ships Pytlivyy and Smetlivyy. The patrol ships repelled the rocket attack of the "enemy".

And the crew from the ships gunned to water surface targets, hypothetical enemy fleets.

(Based on the report of the KCNA - May 25, 2019)


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