Rodong Sinmun calls for great upsurge in socialist construction

By Rodong Sinmun

The Workers' Party of Korea designated the struggle for creating the Mallima speed as the Mallima speed movement in refection of the mature requirement of the developing revolution and called on all the people to turn out as one in the movement.

The Mallima speed movement is a new mass movement of the present era to make an earlier accomplishment of the cause of building a socialist power by remarkably speeding up the advance of the Korean revolution in the spirit of Mallima (horse that runs 4 000 miles a day). The movement is aimed at making every sector and unit hold fast to self-reliance and science and technology, bring about tangible progress and effect steady innovations in economic construction with the indomitable and offensive revolutionary spirit and thus attain ahead of schedule the high goals for building a powerful socialist country.

The Mallima speed movement is characterized by the fact that it is a movement for grand march to hit at the fastest tempo and in the shortest span of time the high goals for the building of an economic power and improvement of people's living standard set forth by the Party, overtake the world by taking firm hold of self-reliance and science and technology as a treasured sword and giving the fullest play to the potentiality of socialism and thus win a greater victory through successive offense.

Let's all dynamically advance in the spirit of Mallima to bring earlier the accomplishment of the cause of building the socialist power, rallied close around the Party.

(Abridgment by KCNA - May 15, 2019)
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