Pyongyang condemns Seoul for plans to buy latest anti-aircraft missiles from US

Originally published by TASS (ru)

According to the author of the article on the Uriminzokkiri portal, this step threatens peace and stability in the region.

South Korea's plans to acquire surface-to-air missiles from the United States are a direct challenge to the inter-Korean agreement to reduce military tensions. This is stated in a commentary published by the DPRK information portal Uriminzokkiri ("Together with our nation") on Tuesday.

According to the author of the article, the official Seoul's intention in the near future to introduce American anti-aircraft missiles to the Korean peninsula is a "provocative step by war-mongers" that threatens peace and stability in the region.

"In fact, the list will be endless if we count the south Korean military's vile actions that destroy the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean peninsula and lead to increased tensions," the commentary notes.

In May, the US State Department issued a permit for a deal to sell the south Korea ship-to-air SM-2 missiles and related equipment worth $313.9 million. The US administration notified the US Congress, which for 30 days must examine this military contract and approve or block the delivery of American missiles to the Korean peninsula.

(Google AI translate with some modification by me)

2019/05/28 Uriminzokkiri (ko)
2019/05/18 VOA (en)
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