Proud course covered by Chongryon

By Ho Yong Min
Rodong Sinmun

May 25 marks the 64th anniversary of the formation of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) which has demonstrated its honor of being the pioneer of patriotic struggle, the model of patriotism and loyalty and the model of overseas compatriots’ organizations in the world.

Chongryon is an organization of faith and loyalty that has steadily covered the sacred road for the country and nation under the uplifted banner of Juche and patriotism.

There are many organizations of overseas compatriots in the world but it is only Chongryon which is patriotic and powerful in view of loyalty for the country and nation and size, sphere of activity, unity and working efficiency.

The history of Chongryon is the one of the great victory for the Juche-oriented idea of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on the overseas compatriots’ movement and their outstanding guidance and the one adorned with their noblest compatriotism and loving care for the nation.

Officials of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan have strengthened Chongryon, a creation of Juche, into a patriotic organization that shares life and death with the socialist country in any storm and stress, and resolutely defended the DPRK from all sorts of denunciation and censure by the hostile forces, true to the peerlessly great persons’ outstanding idea on the overseas compatriots’ movement.

Chongryon has worked hard for the democratic and national rights of Koreans and promotion of their wellbeing as the genuine mouthpiece and resolute defender of their rights and interests and the one kindly serving them.

Chongryon’s proud and true feature can be found in the fact that it is giving steady continuity to patriotism as an organization organizationally and ideologically united on the basis of the great Juche idea and deeply rooted in broad masses of compatriots.

(KCNA - May 25, 2019)
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