DPRK began producing its own whiskey

Samilpho Whiskey
Samilpho Whiskey (Photo Young Pioneer Tours)

About 20 days ago, this blog posted a story under the headline "Not only missiles but also beers!" Now I just found a news that I may be able to put another item into my stomach in the near future:

DPRK began producing its own whiskey

By Oleg Kiryanov
Rossiyskaya Gazeta - May 29, 2019

(Seoul) It seems that the Juche Country has found another way to break through international sanctions, and at the same time decided to compete with Scotland. The DPRK began producing its own "Samilpho whiskey", which will go on sale at the end of this year. The competitive advantage of the DPRK whiskey is in a relatively modest price and the availability of healthy amino acids.

Representatives of China-based travel company Young Pioneer Tours, which specializes in tours in the DPRK, reported on the appearance of the north Korean whiskey. On the company's page on Instagram they posted a photo of two bottles of the "Juche whiskey first in the history of the Country".

It bears the name "Samilpho" - after the name of a very beautiful lake, which is located in the picturesque Mt Kumgang. The label design and the bottle shape of the "Samilpho" resemble the famous blended Scotch whiskey very much. The photo shows two sorts of "Samilpho" - with a black label with a strength of 40 degrees and with a red label of 42 degrees. They say that there is the third grade with a strength of 45 degrees, but the Young Pioneer Tours company employees could not buy it.

However, the Juche Country product has its own zest. According to the manufacturers, the drink contains 15 types of amino acids that "reduce the harm to the liver caused by alcohol."

Reportedly, the production of Samipho whiskey has already begun, and by the end of the year, the drink will go on sale in shops of Pyongyang and other north Korean cities. It is possible that the DPRK will supply the whiskey for export. The cost is declared in 15 dollars.

Regarding the "north Korean whiskey" connoisseurs of this drink may ironically chuckle, but it is worth noting that Asians have experience in the production of high-quality alcohol. For example, Japanese whiskey has already won recognition for its quality and taste all over the world. North Korea produces very good beer. The beer variety "Tedonggang" invariably enthralls drink lovers. In 2016, north Korea announced the start of production of hard alcohol, which, it was argued, does not cause a hangover. So “Samilpho” may well become a "north Korean breakthrough" to the outside world.

True, south Korean experts believe that their brethren from the north will still have to change the shape of the bottle. It is not so easy to make such bottles for it is expensive.

(google translate with some modification by me)
2019/05/29 Rossiyskaya Gazeta (ru)
2019/05/23 Young Pioneer Tours (en)
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