No American goods in Pyongyang trade fair

Medicines from the Russian Federation and shoes from China are in high demand at The 22nd Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair in the DPRK, reported Tass on Monday.

Putting "Director General of the Evrofarm company Igor Shutenko said that before closing the exposition, the drugs will be distributed free of charge to everyone" as the first sub-title, it contunued:

The most popular among residents of the DPRK at the international exhibition-fair, which opened on Monday in Pyongyang, are medicines from Russia and women's shoes from China.

Dozens of young women stormed the booth of one of the manufacturers of Chinese shoes, which arranged for the sale of their goods at discounted prices during the exhibition. The products of shoe companies from China to the DPRK are well known and appreciated. Therefore, Korean women bought Chinese sandals without fitting - the stand workers barely had time to give boxes of shoes to girls who pulled their hands and shouted “i-tta-zhu-sib-si-yo!”, Which means "give (it to me) later" in Korean.

At the booth of the Russian company Evrofarm, which is the largest supplier of medicines to the DPRK, there were also many visitors. However, under the terms of the exhibition, those who want to buy medicines from Russia will have to wait until the end of the exhibition. As the general director of a Russian company, Igor Shutenko, explained in an interview with a TASS correspondent, just before the close of the exposition next Friday, drugs will be distributed free of charge to anyone who wants it as a charity.

According to Shutenko, this Russian company has been supplying drugs to the DPRK for six years in the DPRK. According to his approximate estimate, three 20-ton containers with medicines are sent from the Russian Federation to the People’s Republic every month, which are delivered by rail through Khasan station. This volume of supplies, according to the head of the Russian export company, accounts for approximately 40% of the total market for foreign medicines in the DPRK. As Shutenko noted, during the participation in the current exhibition-fair in Pyongyang, Russian businessmen intend to present to the DPRK residents a new line of pharmaceutical products, including anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, drugs for the treatment of cancer, as well as an increase in orders for their products.

Syrian sweets and Korean dishes

More than 400 companies from the DPRK and another 19 countries of the world take part in the 22nd Pyongyang International Trade Fair of Goods. In addition to Russia and China, also participated Pakistan, Poland, Indonesia, Mongolia, Cuba, Syria and many others. The range of products presented is very wide: there are electronics, household appliances, household and food products, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, furniture and building materials.

One of the largest and most colorful expositions at the exhibition is the stand of the Syrian Embassy. It is worth noting that the guests here are personally met by the ambassador of this country to the DPRK, who tied a scarf around the neck in the colors of the Syrian flag, as well as his wife in a traditional Syrian dress. As the Syrian Ambassador to North Korea Tammam Suleiman noted in a conversation with a TASS correspondent, the Syrian diplomatic mission in Pyongyang is small, only a few people, but they tried to make their country's participation in the exhibition worthy and memorable.

"With our exposition we want to show that despite the war, despite the difficult situation we are trying to get out of, the Syrian economy is based on the will of the people, on the firm conviction that the war will end sooner or later, that the Syrian people will win under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad , - Tammam Suleiman emphasized. “At the same time, we are strong enough to deliver our products so far from our country - to the DPRK."

According to the ambassador, Syria is ready to offer the DPRK residents famous olive oil in the Middle East, various textiles, handmade soaps, traditional sweets and souvenirs.

So that visitors of the exposition could not only enjoy the spectacle, but also eat, several dozens of tents were set up in the main pavilion of the Pyongyang International Exhibition where visitors can try Korean cuisine. It is planned that during the days of the exhibition, which will be open until Friday, thousands of Pyongyang residents will visit it.

(Google translate from Russian text carried by TASS on May 20, 2019.)

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