Multilingual singer Kim Song Mi in AP news

multilingual singer

It is a surprise to find my favorite singer featured in the AP news.

AP reports, Won Hyung Joon, donning a white shirt, and Kim Song Mi, sporting a sparkling red dress, performed Antonin Dvorak’s “Songs My Mother Taught Me” together with a Chinese orchestra at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center. After the last notes, they held hands and bowed to thunderous applause from the mostly Chinese audience. AP

Thanks to Youtube and a uploader, I have been a fan ever since the first acquaintance with her in a competition concert.

At The Road (ru)

She studied in Moscow before moving to Beijing for marriage with a compatriot and continued singing.

Camellia (cn)

She is a trilingual singer.

My Star (ko)

My sincere wish is that she performs, as a quadrilingual singer, on a celebration stage of the U.S. someday.

Ki Song Mi with Won Hyung Joon

(Photos: AP)
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