More efforts needed to maintain biodiversity

By Min Chol

May 22 is International Biodiversity Day.

Public interest in the protection of ecosystem and nature is now growing across the world and eco-tourism revenue makes up 20 percent of global tourism revenue.

Under the circumstances, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has released a report for the first time to warn that the world’s food production problem will come to a head due to dwindling biodiversity.

Biodiversity plays a pivotal role in boosting the appeal of eco-tourism and an important role in building up the resistance of crops to blight and climate change in agricultural production.

Experts ascribe dwindling biodiversity to the change in the use and management of soil and water, deforestation to put more land under plough, climate change and environmental pollution caused by global warming and poaching.

According to a report of the World Natural Protection Fund, about 25 000 species of animals are on the verge of extinction and two-thirds of wild animals may be extinct by 2020.

From the geographical point of view, though countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean boast rich biodiversity, most of edible wild species of crustaceans, fishes and insects are threatened with extinction.

According to special organizations and experts, although many countries are carrying on programmes for sustainable forest conservation and scientific research and taking various steps in order to protect biodiversity, there are still lots of work to do and therefore all governments and the international community should make more positive efforts for biodiversity protection.

(Pyongyang Times - May 26, 2019)
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