Japan's absurd talk about 'abduction by North Korea'

Commentary in Minju Joson

Minju Joson Tuesday comments on the fact that a man in his fifties who had gone missing in 1992 was found in Japan recently.

The man has been on the list of "missing persons" for 27 years and Japan has claimed that the "possibility of abduction by north Korea can not be ruled out."

The Japanese reactionaries unhesitatingly accused the DPRK of "abduction" whenever a citizen went missing, instead of making an investigation.

Japan deliberately blames the problem of missing persons on the DPRK. This shows that the Japanese reactionaries are considerably interested in politicizing the issue and intentionally hyping it in its favor.

The Japanese reactionaries seek to divert the public discontent away from their unjust politics, make feelings of hostility toward the DPRK flare up within the Japanese society by casting a slur on the DPRK and thus make a favorable pretext for realizing their wild ambition for militaristic overseas expansion.

They also seek to evade their responsibility for atonement of the crime-woven past by disguising Japan, an assailant country which committed hideous crimes in the past, as a victim.

But, their mean tricky propaganda can never work.

That is why Japan is called by the public a short-sighted and small-minded political pigmy.

It should not deceive the world with such cock-and-bull story as "abduction by north Korea."
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