Militaristic Japan puts regional peace at risk

By Song Jong Ho

Recently, the Japanese defence ministry offcially decided on possessing a computer virus as defence equipment allegedly to cope with cyber-attacks.

Accordingly, the virus is reportedly to be developed within this year.

Kyodo News reported that it was the first time for the ministry to have a virus aimed at disturbing others’ information communications network and that there is a fear that it would go beyond the exclusive defence, depending on its application.

This suggests that the virus to be developed by Japan may assume not only a defensive character but also an offensive one.

Under the veil of meeting the requirements of modern warfare Japan has already extended the boundaries of its Self-Defence Forces to the cyber and outer spaces as well as the conventional fields of the ground, naval and air forces.

Five years ago, the defence ministry formed the 90-strong cyber defence corps and beefed up its strength over 10 times in 2017.

Japan has now built a powerful military entity whose capacity to fight a war far surpasses that of the past by pushing ahead with the buildup of the SDF’s combat capability in a many-sided way. It even tries to revise the “pacifist constitution” which states that it will forever renounce war and will never maintain land, sea and air forces as well as other war potentials, despite strong oppositions at home and abroad.

No one can predict what kind of negative effect Japan with considerable military capability would have on the stability of the region and beyond.

(Pyongyang Times - May 25, 2019)
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