Manifestation of will to defend peace and sovereignty

By Song Jong Ho
Pyongyang Times

Recently, there was a contest of anti-aircraft missile units "Key of sky - 2019" at a shooting range in Russia’s Astrakhan.

Units stationed in the suburbs of Moscow, Kaliningrad, Far East and other regions competed in such events as loading and driving, removal and deployment of combat equipment, and polluted area surmounting, and fired over 50 live shells.

Earlier, artillerymen of a new-type multiple launch rocket system conducted a live shell firing at the Kapustin Yar shooting range in Astrakhan.

Last April, a flotilla of the Kola branch fleet of the Russian Northern Fleet staged a large-scale military drill in the Barents Sea for a fortnight. According to the public information department of the Northern Fleet, seamen successfully carried out about 70 combat missions by using anti-aircraft and cruise missiles, guns, torpedoes, anti-submarine bombs and hand grenades.

Two large-size landing crafts ensured the marine transport of units and the landing of a naval brigade in an unfamiliar beachfront, and conducted a comprehensive artillery firing practice at marine and air targets and an air-defence training as well.

A warship strike group consisting of two frigates practised how to annihilate an imaginary flotilla by launching a cruise missile.

In the meantime, warships of the Caspian branch fleet waged a drill of conducting missile and artillery firing at marine and air targets and withdrawing from the battlefield in the waters of the Caspian Sea.

Analysts comment that such military drills are aimed at coping with the NATO which reinforces armed forces and frequently stages military exercises in Russia’s neighbouring countries.

The NATO has recently established two new centres in Latvia and Estonia in a bid to cope with the cyber warfare with Russia.

On April 12, it conducted an international military exercise in Latvia by involving representatives of the NATO countries, especially the UK, Denmark and France.

Nowadays, strategic nuclear bombers of the US air force make frequent flights close to the Russian border, getting on the nerves of Russia.

The recent military drills conducted by Russia are the manifestation of its resolute will to defend the dignity and sovereignty of the state and regional peace and safety by force of arms.
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