Last fighter of Great Patriotic War

Russian Embassy in the DPRK posted following story on Facebook:


On May 2, Ambassador A. Matsegora met with the Deputy Director of the Museum of the Korean Revolution, Park Kyong Sik, giving him a bouquet of flowers and a congratulatory address for the Director of the Museum Hwang Sun Hui in celebration of her 100th birth anniversary. Unfortunately, due to health reasons of the day the hero couldn't accept us, and we addressed to her Deputy with a request surely to tell her about our warmest feelings and huge respect.

Comrade Hwang Sun Hui is, without exaggeration, a legendary figure. She is the last living veteran of the 88th brigade of the red army of the Far Eastern Front, and therefore – the last veteran of the Great "patriotic War among the citizens of the DPRK. Hwang Sun Hui is the widow of the famous General Ryu Kyung su – the commander of the 105th Seoul tank brigade of the Korean People's Army.

Hwang Sun Hui, active in public life, was awarded many state awards of the DPRK, as well as Soviet and Russian commemorative medals in commemoration of the anniversaries of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which she received in our Embassy.

Please be healthy, live long, dear comrade Hwang Sun Hui!

Eternal memory and eternal glory to our veterans !!!

Yandex translate (some correction by me)
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