Japan's brigandish moves to seize Tok Island


Japan is going more and more impudent to seize Tok Island, an inalienable part of the Korean nation.

Japan recently published its 2019 diplomatic blue book, which stipulated that Tok Island is a "part of its territory."

Such brigandish act of the brazen-faced Japs seized with a wild territorial ambition is utterly unpardonable.

Tok Island is just part of the Korean nation's inalienable territory from a geographical, historical and legal point of view. And this fact is undeniable.

It is well known that Koreans found the island and settled on it one thousand and hundreds of years ago and successive feudal governments of Japan repeatedly acknowledged it.

Historical data proving that Japan didn't recognize Tok Island as its territorial part have been found continuously in recent years.

A complete map of the Empire of Japan published by a geological survey office of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce in 1888 and 1892 and a map for the course of the then secondary education, a Japanese textbook, were found in 2016. Those maps show that Tok Island is an island of Korea.

A copy of the Taedongyo Map showing Tok Island beside Ullung Island, published between 1864 and 1889, was found in 2017.

In 1854 a Russian fleet made a survey of the island and specified it as an island of Korea. The then naval department of Japan used the map of Korea including Tok Island in the 1870s. Such facts are enough to prove that the island is part of the inalienable territory of Korea.

However, Japan has repeated the farce of claiming "dominium over Tok Island", deceiving the international community.

Japan desperately denies its crime-woven past and commits new state crimes while covering up the truth.

Lurking behind it is its sinister intention to invent a pretext for annexing Korea and realizing continental aggression as it did in the past century by internationalizing the issue of Tok Island and causing a territorial dispute.

Wild territorial ambition is the nature of an aggressor state.

No matter how frequently Japan talks about "peace", it can never hide its true colors as an aggressor and war-like state.

Japan has actually laid all military, economic and legal foundations necessary for a war-capable state under the regime of Abe hell-bent on the wild militarist ambition. The aggressor forces of the island country have been transformed into offensive forces capable of taking prompt actions in any parts of the region and the world any moment.

The regime is also pushing ahead with the publication of the textbooks on social subjects for elementary schools containing the wrong claim that Tok Island under illegal occupation by a foreign country at present is part of Japan's inalienable territory in a bid to infuse such twisted historical outlook and territorial conception into the minds of the rising generation.

Japan still remains unchanged in seeking the deep-rooted wild ambition of aggression for realizing the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

But it is the truth taught by history that such foolhardy ambition is bound to end in defeat.

The undisguised reinvasion moves of Japan, the sworn enemy seeking to seize the territory of the Korean nation generation after generation, will only harden the will of the latter to force the former to pay dearly for its crimes without fail.

Tok Island will always remain part of the inalienable territory of the Korean nation.

(KCNA - September 13, 2019)
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