Japan's smear campaign against DPRK


The Japan police recently announced that a "specified missing person" was located in the country. They have so far claimed that "his possible abduction by north Korea can not be ruled out".

This has given the lie to the story about "abduction" touted by the Japanese reactionaries.

It is not the first time that the specified persons who were reported to have gone missing were discovered in Japan.

A person whom they claimed to have been abducted by north Korea emerged as a dead body inside the premise of a second-hand ship import and export company in Chiba Prefecture in August 2013. There are other ample examples of the discovery of "specified missing persons", when counting only those revealed by the Japanese media, notably those in September in 2013, November in 2014, June and October in 2015, and June and December in 2016.

This clearly proves the absurdity of the "abduction issue" touted by the Japanese authorities.

The increase on the number of missing persons, a serious social problem in Japan, is just anti-human rights profile of the island country.

The number of those who give up everything and turn into "outcast without identities" for such reasons as debts, unemployment, difficulty in schoolwork, and botched marriage life claims 100 000 in Japan every year.

There emerged a company called "overnight relocation" which earns money by helping people take to flight to shock the public.

No wonder, a movie-man of a country is shooting a documentary film called "Disappeared People" featuring the wretched life of the Japanese who live a desolate life without any social relations.

However, the Japanese politicians set up plot-breeding organizations related to the "abduction issue" in the government, Diet and society from long ago and have engaged in evil activities of all descriptions at the expense of huge amount of money to convince the Japanese and the world people of the "abduction" by north Korea.

Recently they kicked up huge anti-DPRK racket called the "rally of families of abduction victims" by deliberately linking with the DPRK tens of thousands of missing persons whose number far exceeds that of the "abduction victims" fabricated by them.

The Japanese reactionaries' racket for "solution to the abduction issue" is all about evading historical responsibility for their unprecedented bloody crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past and justifying their hostile policy toward the DPRK.

The Abe group is made up of the most shameless and wicked men with good hands at swindling and plot-breeding.

It is a pipedream for Japan to think of attaining its dirty aim by spreading the threadbare "abduction issue".

The more loudly the Japanese politicians get vocal about the issue, the more offences it will commit before the Koreans and the world people.

Humankind will never pardon those reactionaries of history who deceive their own people and the world people to become a military giant and to realize the ambition of reinvasion.

The Japanese rulers are fated to meet miserable end of plunging into a trap set by themselves.

(KCNA - May 26, 2019)
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