Japan should remember lesson from defeat


Computer virus is to be used as a military weapon in Japan.

The Japanese Defence Ministry formally decided to develop computer virus and include it in defence equipment within 2019.

It is nothing but a dangerous project of a war-thirsty state and aggression-minded nation.

Kyodo(1) said it is the first time that computer virus for disturbing rivals’ information and communication network has been included in defence equipment.

As a result, the cyber unit inaugurated in the “Self-Defence Forces” in March, 2014 will be readied to go into action as the attack armed forces within a few years.

This shows that Japan gets more undisguised in its war hysteria with each passing day, and the capacity of the SDF for fighting a war has been boosted in a diverse way.

Military giant and overseas expansion are the invariable ambition of Japan.

Japan with huge annual military spending has now emerged as a military entity and a dangerous force enough to fight a war of overseas aggression.

This being a fact, Japan is getting over-heated in the development, purchase and deployment of ultra-modern weapons this year, too, instigated by its invariable ambition for turning it into a military giant.

Shortly ago, the Japanese government expressed its intention to take an active part in the discussion of the application of artificial intelligence weapon and declared the research and development of the new Aegis radar system together with the U.S. under the open pretext of coping with the threat from updated missiles of big powers. It is mulling purchasing “radar for defending territory”, part of interceptor missile system, from the U.S. by 2025.

What should not be overlooked is that the SDF is boosting its capacity to fight a war and going busy advancing into other countries.

Warship Izumo of the Japan Maritime SDF also known as sub-carrier is being involved in a months-long joint military drill aiming at containing China while sailing around the waters of the Indian-Pacific perimeter with the amphibious task force aboard. Japan dispatched members of the SDF even to the Sinai Peninsula under the excuse of the “security law”.

On May 8, the House of Councilors of Japan approved the conclusion of the “agreement on mutual offer of material and labor” meant to interchange food, ammunition and labor between the SDF and the French and Canadian forces.

What matters is that Japan describes them as the ones for “defense” and is openly stepping up the preparations for a war of aggression.

Japan cites “security” and “defence” to justify the development and reserve of computer virus, but they are little short of poor excuses for concealing its aggressive nature as shown by the reality.

Japan’s aim behind its desperate efforts to boost the SDF’s capacity of fighting an actual war is to revenge its defeat in the Second World War after becoming a war-capable state at any cost, not to ensure security.

Japan’s moves for military expansion arouse great concern and vigilance from the international community including regional countries as they seriously threaten peace and security in the Korean peninsula, region and the rest of the world.

Has Japan forgotten a bitter lesson from its defeat yet?

It should remember that the international community is keenly watching its every action.

(KCNA - May 21, 2019)

(1) 2019/04/29 Kyodo via Japan Times
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