Japan should atone for its past crimes


By Son So Yon

The countries which committed war crimes in the past are making constant efforts to make sincere apologies and reparations to the countries on which they inflicted physical and mental sufferings.

But only Japan is going against this trend of the times.

The Japanese reactionaries are impudently letting out such sophism that it is important to take a stance of buckling down to carrying out the task common to the international community in a forward-looking manner rather than excessively focus on the past sad history. This is just an attempt to divert the attention of the international community.

What the Japanese reactionaries uttered is just preposterous as Japan has never admitted its blood-stained past history, far from making reparations.

This is just an unpardonable insult to the innocent people who suffered untold misfortune and pain due to the Japanese imperialist aggressors in the past and a mockery of justice and conscience of humanity.

The past crimes of Japan are unprecedented in history.

The Japanese reactionaries' rhetoric is just nonsense peculiar to those who are mentally deranged.

Japan likes to show off its plump purse but it can never give a facelift to its bad image and its busy diplomacy never helps it find its position in the region. This is just the deplorable plight of Japan.

Atonement for the crime-woven past is the demand of history and is also necessary for Japan's sake.

Without atoning for the past crimes, Japan can neither receive credit from the international community nor have a sound sleep with everything unsuccessful.

Above all, Japan should cleanse itself of the crime-woven past.

(Abridgment by KCNA)
2019/05/23 Rodong Sinmun (ko)
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