Japan's ambition to seize Tok Island can never be realized

Rodong Sinmun - May 29, 2019

Japan decided to enlarge a territorial sovereignty exhibition house that houses distorted data describing Tok Island as "inalienable territory of Japan." Japan is to expand the house seven times the current area.

It means that Japan will wage a more frantic campaign to distort history by replenishing the exhibition house with false data which can deceive the public within and without insisting that Tok Island belongs to Japan.

It has been only almost a year and a half since Japan held a ceremony for opening the exhibition house in the heart of Tokyo Metropolis, but Japan declared that it would expand the exhibition house seven times the current area, which was a revelation of the undisguised wicked intention to seize the island.

Tok Island is an inalienable territory of the Korean nation both historically and legally and both in name and reality.

The Japanese reactionaries are most greedy and shameless as they are persisting in enlarging the exhibition house through the distortion of historical facts and violation of all of universally-recognized legal principles as a part of the campaign to seize the island.

Japan is brazen-faced and impudent enough to claim that the island belongs to its territory, talking about "illegal occupation".

In the past, the Japanese imperialists invented the story of "Mimana Miyake" meaning "Japan's government agency of Imna", the absurd pseudo theory, so as to invent the pretext of invading Korea, and now their descendants are going to repeat the impudent history of aggression.

However, Japan's ambition to seize the island is a pipedream.

Tok Island will exist forever as territory of the Korean nation.

Abridgment of 2019/05/29 Rodong Sinmun (ko) by KCNA


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