Japan aims to climb "fence of defence"

Commentary in Minju Joson

The Japanese government is examining the conclusion of an "agreement on the status of visiting unit" between the "Self-Defence Forces (SDF)" and the British army, which would stipulate the mode of legal treatment for the SDF and the British army when they have joint drills in each other's territory or dispatch units to each other's territory in the case of disaster.

Early in April, the Japan Cabinet meeting ratified the plan for posting SDF members to the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Japan is describing the SDF's active overseas advance as the one for "defense" and a "contribution" to global peace and stability.

It is a mere excuse for covering up the aggressive nature.

Judging from the circumstances surrounding Japan, there is no justification for it to have joint drill with a country far-off from it.

It is the height of impudence that Japan, which fails to get rid of the ill-fame of war criminal state, observes the maintenance of armistice.

The aim of the SDF's overseas advance is not for "defense" or "peace", but a prelude to its overseas aggression.

Japan seeks to turn the SDF into the armed forces of a war-capable state through active SDF's overseas advance, so as to naturally free itself from the fence of defense restraining Japan and, furthermore, go for invasion of other countries and nations in case of contingency.

Such evil intention of Japan can never be concealed.

Japan should immediately stop making a mockery of the international community with its poor tricks.

(KCNA - May 2, 2019)
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