Immoral LKP is disgrace to nation

Candlelight vigil demanding dissolution of the LKP


The true colors of coteries of the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea who have committed all sorts of crimes were brought to light again.

At a recent meeting of the Party Ethics Committee, they "punished" those who had described the Kwangju Popular Uprising as "a riot by mobs" instigated by "the north" and branded the bereaved families of the victims as "a group of monsters".

Upset by the public denunciation, the group of traitors promised to inflict a "disciplinary punishment" upon them, but delayed it for more than two months under an unjust pretext. This time, it gave a "warning" to the chief culprits and subjected them to "three months' suspension of party member rights".

This is an intolerable mockery of and an open challenge to the south Korean people who want to mete out severe punishment to those who slandered and defiled the Kwangju Popular Uprising and bereaved families of its victims.

The resistance fighters in Kwangju shed blood and laid down their lives for justice and democracy of the south Korean society.

But, the group of traitors who has whitewashed the fascist dictatorship with the inveterate repugnancy toward the movement for democracy has justified the reckless act of the criminals who insulted the resistance martyrs.

It, from the beginning, made such assertions as "there can be various interpretations of a historical fact" and "other parties may avail themselves of it for by-election" in a bid to buy time, and after all, spiked the examination of disciplinary punishment at the "National Assembly".

LKP is brazen-faced enough to describe nominal intra-party "punishment measures" like "suspension of rights" and "warning" as the one out of "comprehensive consideration for the sentiment and will of the people".

It is as clear as noonday that the said disciplinary punishment is, in fact, a "commendation" for those desecraters produced by a premeditated plot of the LKP that seeks to turn down the will and demand of the public in cahoots with them and, furthermore, throttle democracy in toto.

The group of traitors remains unchanged in its bad habit and physiology of seeking the fascist dictatorship.

It is a tragedy of the south Korean politics and a disgrace to the nation that the corrupt LKP letting loose a spate of evil words without an iota of guilt-consciousness remains as the first opposition party.

That is why different public circles in south Korea say that the LKP had better replace its name with "liberal invectives party", describing in utter shock the disciplinary punishment as "encouragement".

People in Kwangju and other parts of south Korea say that those denying the May 18 history, people, democracy and the constitution are real mobs and monsters. And voices demanding the expulsion of those desecrators from the "National Assembly" can be heard even from Taegu and North Kyongsang Province, the strongholds of the conservatives.

The LKP coteries will never evade the severe punishment by the public as they have committed treason only while regarding the people as beings inferior to dog and pig.

(KCNA - May 4, 2019)
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