Fundamental principles of state building

By Pak Song Min
The Pyongyang Times 

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that the revolutionary line of independence should be carried out in state building and activities in the policy speech he delivered at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK.

Independence is the political philosophy of the DPRK.

The country has adhered to self-determination and independence in carrying on the revolution and construction since its founding.

In his early years of the revolutionary struggle, President Kim Il Sung, founder of socialist Korea, clarified the truth of the revolution that independence is the life and soul of a country and nation and the revolution should be carried on independently and creatively, thereby writing a new history of independence.

In the whole course of leading the revolution he put forward independence as the lifeblood and resolved all problems arising in the revolution and construction in line with the requirements of the Korean revolution, interests of the people and actual situation of the country.

Under his leadership, the Korean people established a socialist state embodying the principles of independence in politics, self-sustenance in the economy and self-reliance in national defence as they resolutely rejected flunkeyism, dogmatism and high-handedness and pressure of outside forces under the complicated circumstances in which big power-centred politics was imposed upon persistently.

With the successive collapse of socialism in different countries in Europe in the 1990s the imperialists got so arrogant they concentrated their attack on the DPRK, but the bulwark of socialism held higher the banner of independence.

At the time the Korean people defended the banner although the hostile forces intensified political and military pressure and economic blockade against their country more than ever before. By dint of original Songun politics they built up the military capability of the country, safeguarded socialism and advanced towards greater victories as they paved the way for the building of a powerful country.

In the recent years of death-defying showdown with the imperialists, the DPRK achieved a historic cause of national significance to steer the course of situation towards peace, with the result that its strategic position and influence are growing with the passage of time.

Through their struggle the Koreans have engraved in their minds that independence is precisely justice and victory.

In the current complex global situation, building up one’s own strength and developing independently are the way to defend national sovereignty and dignity and achieve genuine national prosperity.

That is why the DPRK endeavours to develop all domains of politics, economy, national defence and culture in its own way from the standpoint of Juche, while guaranteeing national security and the people’s happiness by its own efforts.

Whatever wind may blow and whatever challenges and difficulties may lie ahead, the DPRK will continue to step up the building of a powerful socialist country in its own way and by its own efforts to contribute to the cause of global independence.
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