Enraged South Korean mindset is signal of second candlelight resistance

Dissolve LKP!


South Koreans are becoming increasingly stronger in their demand for the dissolution of the "Liberal Korea Party"(LKP).

The petition movement for LKP dissolution that was occasioned by the display on the notice board of Chongwadae of a posting reading "I am beseeching that LKP is disbanded and the country is propped up" now appears to have an explosive dimension, according to local media.

The number of petitioners has exceeded 1.7 million in eleven days.

This eruption of rage and hatred of the furious south Koreans against the conservative group points to the public mindset as eager as that at a time of the past candlelight resistance when they ousted traitor Park Geun Hye and toppled her dictatorial regime.

Dissolution of LKP Petition

The strong demand for the dissolution of the LKP by the broad spectrum of south Koreans shows that the traitorous political party has gone to the extremes in going roughshod against the trend of the times and the mindset of the people.

Now getting intent on disrupting the current of new history on the Korean peninsula, the conservative group is pleading with the outsiders to go ahead with the north-targeted war drills and is getting desperate in their bid to bring back the stand-off and danger of war in the past.

Openly citing the release of Park Geun Hye with acquittal and revocation of impeachment, the group tries to make its dream for power come true, in defiance of the mindset of candlelight demonstrators.

What the LKP has done are high-profile crimes that deserve severe punishment; slandering of the May 18 Kwangju Popular Uprising, insult to the bereaved families of ferry Sewol disaster victims and bullying acts at the "National Assembly" sessions, to name just a few.

The conservative group is now going roughshod though it was pushed to a tight corner, severely punished by history. This situation proves that the group of traitors, trouble-maker of the nation, has to be thoroughly purged.

Daily increasing zeal for the disbandment of the LKP is a signal of the second candlelight resistance.

There was a candlelight rally demanding the immediate dissolution of the group of evils LKP in Kwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul on May 4 with over 2 000 people of different social standings in attendance.

The broad spectrum of south Koreans will lead the on-going movement to furious mass movement for the annihilation of the conservatives.

The group of conservatives which does people only disservice, looking down upon them, will surely face a miserable fate of being severely punished by the enraged people.

(KCNA - May 8, 2019)
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