Efforts for attaining goals of five-year strategy brisk in DPRK

DPRK Posters
DPRK propaganda painting: Put spurs to attaining the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development!

The leading and basic economic sectors of the DPRK have put spurs to attaining the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development.

Notable achievements were made in those sectors for the last three years. Now, they are striving to hit the targets for this year.

A campaign was launched in the electric power industrial sector to readjust and reinforce the production facilities of power stations and speed up the technical updating.

And a work is going on to build Orangchon, Tanchon and other new power stations in different parts of the country.

Besides, projects were conducted to increase the electricity production by wind power, tidal power, biomass and solar energy and expand the application of natural energies.

Coal mines across the country have waged a production drive to secure cutting faces with rich deposits and favorable working conditions and supply much more coal to various economic sectors. And a brisk work is going on to introduce the comprehensive mechanization into pit work and diversify the transport of coal.

Various metal factories including the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex have increased the iron and steel production by further strengthening the material and technical foundations of metal industry and raising the level of technical equipment of iron making, steel making and rolling processes.

The railway transport sector, too, has transported many materials to the construction sites for great upswing through an intensified drive for extra-haulage on schedule without accident, while the chemical industrial sector has pushed ahead with the construction of project for the creation of C1 chemical industry and boosted the production of Juche fertilizer, vinalon and basic chemical goods.

(KCNA - May 10, 2019)
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