DPRK strives for creating new world order


Striving for realization of genuine international justice holds principal position in foreign policy of the DPRK


Justice is a common ideal of humankind, and it is a shared aspiration and desire of all countries and nations across the world to achieve prosperity for all in a free and peaceful world where genuine international justice is in place.

In the international arena at present, however, the globally recognized fundamental principles governing the international relations are being blatantly violated, the imperialists' moves for aggression and war are being justified and legitimized, and the imperialists' attempts at violating the sovereignty of other countries at the former's own free will are growing more pronounced than ever before.

The reality urgently demands that the world progressive peoples undertake active struggle for the realization of international justice, irrespective of their differences in political and religious beliefs and level of economic and cultural development.

At the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), underlined the need to fight for genuine international justice while articulating the independent foreign policy of our Party and the government of our Republic.

The respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un said as follows.

"It is essential to fight for genuine international justice."

Independence is, after all, justice, and meeting the demand for independence and interests of all countries and nations in a fair manner is essential in realizing international justice.

To any country or nation which is entitled to exist and develop independently as a full-fledged member of the international community together with other countries and nations, mistreatment and oppression by outside forces are an intolerable insult, and justice cannot be said of in a country afflicted by domination, subordination, interference and pressure from outside forces.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il confirmed through their personal revolutionary practices that independence is the justice of history, the victory of revolution and the basis for development of fair international relations, and they guided the trend of history along the road of independence, thus opening up a new history of independence in which the popular masses carry out the revolution of their respective countries in an independent way and build a new just world, freed from domination and subordination.

Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, holding higher the banner of independence, the banner of international justice held by the great President Kim Il Sung and the great General Kim Jong Il, undertakes vigorous activities for check and frustration of the domination moves of the imperialist reactionaries, for friendship and solidarity with the socialist countries and the anti-imperialist independent forces and for establishment of independent and fair international relations and world peace and security.

Four-time visits to the People's Republic of China, visits to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Russian Federation and two-time DPRK-U.S. summit meetings and talks were historic events that fully demonstrated to the whole world the strategic standing and dignity of our Republic and made great contributions to safeguarding world peace and security and building a new independent and just world.

The DPRK will not make any slightest concession nor compromise, as in the past, on the matters relating to the fundamental interests of our state and people and make determined efforts to achieve genuine justice which serves to fairly meet the demand for independence and interests of all countries and nations.

In order to realize genuine international justice, it is necessary to resolutely smash all kinds of practices and challenges that run counter to it.

Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, taught that it is imperative to exert every effort to categorically reject high-handedness, arbitrariness, double standards and injustice of the imperialists which trample on the sovereignty and the right to existence of the country and nation and ensure fairness in addressing international issues, and shatter the brazen and deceptive appearance of "justice" held out by the imperialists and dominationists.

Now in the international arena, there are serious contradictions and struggles going on between the world progressive peoples who are striving to defend the sovereignty and dignity of their countries and nations on one hand and the imperialist reactionary forces who are resorting to aggression, war, high-handedness and arbitrariness on the other hand.

Because of the aggression and interference of the imperialists and domination forces, the sovereignty of countries and nations is being violated and war and conflicts are ceaselessly breaking out in various countries.

The actions of the imperialists - which have been carried out against Syria during the past several years and are now repeated against Venezuela to remove a legitimately elected president of the sovereign state - are a direct challenge to international justice.

Worse still is the fact that such an armed invasion or interference in internal affairs is committed under the cloak of "annihilation of terror", "provision of peace" and "protection of human rights".

Imperialists are calling the countries subservient to them as good ones but branding the insubordinate countries as "evil", "gangster state", "dictatorship" and "state sponsor of terrorism", and they are attempting to outrageously impose their value under the signboard of "justice".

We demand that double standards and high-handedness rampant now in international relations be never tolerated, and abnormal phenomena detrimental to justice and truth be not permitted nor acquiesced any longer.

All countries and nations aspiring after independence and justice should resolutely frustrate the imperialists' practices of high-handedness, arbitrariness, aggression and infringement upon sovereign rights and safeguard the sovereignty, and they should also wage a vigorous struggle to smash the imperialists' hypocritical talk of "justice" and realize genuine international justice.

It is important to ensure that the demand of all developing countries and international community as a whole is fairly reflected in resolving the international issues now confronting humankind such as conflicts, anti-terrorism and environment.

Now in the discussions of international issues, independent demand and interests of the developing countries are marginalized and the law of jungle is rampantly pursued.

Some irresponsible countries deliberately turn their faces away from the environment and other serious issues and openly override the internationally agreed conventions for the sake of their economic interests.

The countries aspiring after independence and justice should increase vigilance against the maneuvers of imperialists trying to fish in troubled waters by meddling in disputes and to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states under the pretext of anti-terrorism, protection of human rights and so on. They should also direct the spearhead of attack toward the egoistic acts of imperialists seeking only to be better off for themselves by sacrificing the whole world.

A new international order based on sovereignty should be established in order to realize genuine international justice.

Now in international relations, the priorities and the deciding powers are given only to the developed and some specific countries, whereas the opinions of the developing and many other countries are ignored.

In order to rectify these abnormal practices, the old order which is tolerating the privileges of some countries in international political area should be eliminated, the principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs and equality be applied, and an international economic order based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit be established.

The great President Kim Il Sung and the great General Kim Jong Il advanced the idea of replacing the old international order - which had been framed by the imperialist powers in a way that would enable them to decide and settle the international issues on their terms - with the one which meets the desire of progressive humankind aspiring after independence. And through their energetic external activities the great leaders ensured that the non-aligned and developing countries pool their efforts to establish a new international order based on independence and develop South-South cooperation in political, economic, cultural and other several fields on the principle of collective self-reliance.

With a sense of responsibility and consciousness which correspond to the strategic position considerably raised thanks to the extraordinary wisdom, unique courage, tireless efforts, self-sacrificing devotion, outstanding and seasoned leadership, and vigorous external activities of Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, our Republic is fighting more resolutely for destruction of the old international order which is resorting to an injustice under the signboard of "justice" and to establish a new fair and just one.

It is important to guarantee fairness in the activities of the United Nations and other international organizations in order to establish a new international order.

The historical fact, which shows the international organizations assume an important role in establishing a global order, indicates that the process of establishing a fair international order would necessarily go hand in hand with a process of properly solving the issues associated with the international organizations.

There now exists severe gap in equality among countries and nations in several international organizations. At the United Nations alone, the non-aligned countries, though counted as an overwhelming majority, are not exercising due influence, whereas a small number of powers are enjoying privileged rights, contrary to the UN Charter.

What should not be overlooked is the reality that the so-called "resolutions" are adopted in the UN and other international arena to serve only to justify and legitimatize the high-handedness and arbitrariness of specific countries, and the unheard-of acts of injustice of forcing sanctions on the victims are openly committed in the name of UN on the ground that the victims protested against the offenders.

Even though sanctions might be taken as the last desperate measure by those forces who admit their inability to bring us down by force, they themselves amount to a grave infringement upon our sovereign rights and an outrageous mockery of international justice, and therefore, we will not tolerate them in the least but confront and completely smash them at any cost.

In order to eradicate the relations of domination, subjugation and inequality and build a just world where full-fledged sovereignty and equality of every country and nation are ensured, the international community should be democratized and, to this end, the United Nations and other international organizations should be democratized.

We strongly hold that the UN and other international organizations terminate the orders and practices of tolerating the privileges of certain countries and provide for the legislative and institutional underpinning which would fairly ensure the independent demand and interest of every country and nation on the principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs and equality.

International justice never comes of itself, but it is only possible when the anti-imperialist, independent countries become strong enough.

If a country is not strong enough, it will have no voice in the international arena, nor ability to defend justice and conscience, and it will become to play into the hands of the powers, however honest and just it may be.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the great President and the great General, our Republic has consolidated the single-minded unity of the Party and the people, the strong foundations of self-supporting national economy and the powerful national defense capability under the uplifted banner of independence, self-reliance and self-defense, and these are a reliable guarantee of the struggle for achieving genuine international justice.

Upholding the historical policy speech delivered by Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly, the DPRK will further consolidate the material foundation of socialism and strengthen the political and military might in every way, thus accomplishing the cause of building a powerful socialist country and contributing to realizing genuine international justice.

The justice-loving progressive countries of the world should strive to build on their strength on the principle of self-reliance and self-development.

It is equally important to strengthen the unity based on independence.

The world progressive peoples, who are championing independence, should counter the imperialists' moves of division and alienation with a strategy of unity, and they should unite and cooperate with one another, transcending the differences in social system, political views, ideology, religion, nation and races.

It is an unshakable stand of our Party and the government of the DPRK to strive for realizing genuine international justice.

The DPRK will as ever actively push forward with the sacred cause of building a new independent and just world in strong unity with the peoples of all countries aspiring after independence and justice, holding high the banner of anti-imperialism and independence, the banner of international justice.

(DPRK MFA - May 16, 2019)
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