DPRK remembers Novichenko eternally

How many years do you have to be friends to be friends forever?

DPRK diplomats and Russian friends
DPRK diplomats and Russian friends. (Photo CP Novosibirsk Branch)

This is a Russian report which was immediately translated into English by Google translation machine:

A delegation of the DPRK Embassy visited the grave of savior Kim Il Sung Yakov Novichenko

The motorcade of the delegation of the DPRK embassy from five passenger cars from the center of Novosibirsk to the Dovolensky district was accompanied by a patrol car of the traffic police.

Counselors of the embassy - comrades Kim Zen Kyu and Kim Jang Sang, performed, according to their own words, the order given to them personally by the Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Yn - to lay flowers on the grave of Yakov Tikhonovich Novichenko - Hero of Labor of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, who saved back 1946 Comrade Kim Il Sung’s year from a grenade explosion. ...Read more at CP Novosibirsk Branch (ru)

This text shows that the friendship between the DPRK and Novichenko has passed three generations so that we can say a certain friendship is eternal.

Read more (ko):
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