DPRK economic sectors see steady growth

By Chae Hyang Ok

Production picks up in different economic sectors of the country.

Coal mines under the Ministry of Coal Industry increase production.

The Pukchang Area Youth Coal-mining Complex produced thousands of tons of more coal in April to exceed its coal production target for the month.

The Inpho Youth Coal Mine secured enough coal reserve by giving priority to tunnelling and introduced a rational coal mining method to overfulfil its monthly production plan by 12 percent, while Songnam and Hoean youth coal mines extracted much coal by raising the mechanization rate in mining and transport.

The Tukjang Area Coal-mining Complex increased its monthly coal production by 10 percent as against the same period of last year.

The Tukjang youth and Myonghak coal mines raised coal production per shift and the Ungok, Sudong, Kowon, Samchon and other coal mines under the Hamnam and Chonnae area coal-mining complexes widely employed advanced blasting and efficient mining methods.

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex exceeds its fertilizer production target every day.

The complex completed a waste gas recycling method based on film separation method to make a breakthrough in reenergizing production and introduced dozens of technical innovation plans including PLC automatic dry coal rod production system. It also developed a new technology with which to normalize gas generation by converting high-pressure steam into low-pressure one and installed a vacuum filter for refining solution.

A power-transmission line is now being laid at a fast pace as part of the Samjiyon County reconstruction project.

Pylon erection in dozens of kilometre-long distance was completed in a little over 20 days. The Ryanggang and Jagang provincial power distribution stations built roads in a short time, transported pylon structures to the construction site promptly and introduced advanced working methods to finish their pylon construction plan. Those of North and South Hamgyong provinces laid the foundations of pylons by drilling into hard rocks, while those of Pyongyang, South Hwanghae Province and Kaesong City finished the excavation for foundations and erected pylon structures.

The Jagang provincial poultry management bureau is increasing meat and egg production by conducting a vigorous mass technical innovation drive.

The Hungju, Phyongwon and Jonchon chicken farms put rational technical innovation plans into practice including the automation of excrement treatment process and built a bean cake fermented feed processing base to raise the egg-laying rate while reducing the production costs.

The Kanggye Duck Farm reconstructed duck houses in a short time to improve the conditions of growth and increased egg production 1.2 times by putting breeding duck farming on a scientific basis.

The Manpho and Songgan chicken farms also steadily increase production by sterilizing chicken coops and vaccinating chickens regularly with various disinfectants and preventive medicines.

(Pyongyang Times - May 11, 2019)
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