DPRK cosmetics to reinforce Russian beauty


DPRK's Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory sent to the Russian Federation the first batch of cosmetics for a new boutique under the brand "Unhasu", Tass reported on Wednesday.

On the scheduled flight Pyongyang - Vladivostok sent 25 boxes with a total weight of 750 kg, said the director of the company

Pyongyang, May 22 / Corr. TASS Evgeny Agoshkov. The largest cosmetics factory "Unhasu" in the DPRK sent to Russia the first batch of products for its boutique, which is preparing to open its branch in Moscow, director of the company Kim Hyun told TASS on Wednesday.

DPRK cosmetics

“Literally a few days ago, we sent 25 boxes with a total weight of 750 kg to Russia on the Pyongyang-Vladivostok scheduled flight, which contains cosmetic products from our factory,” said Kim Hyun. “This is the first batch of cosmetics under the brand "Unhasu" from DPRK to our branch in Moscow.

According to him, over the past year, Russian representatives repeatedly visited Pyongyang for negotiations, during which a cooperation agreement was signed, and the necessary documents were prepared for obtaining a certificate of conformity of the products of the DPRK factory in Russia and the countries of the EurAsian Economic Union. “We plan that in the near future, cosmetics under the“ Unhasu ”brand will be delivered through our representative office in Moscow to all the countries of the EAEU,” Kim Hyun said.

Cosmetics under the brand "Milky Way"

Pyongyang cosmetics factory "Unhasu", which translates from Korean as "Milky Way", is the largest one in the DPRK. According to official data, the company produces 320 types of cosmetic products, and the total number of manufactured products is 7 million units per year. Several years ago, the plant underwent a complete modernization, during which modern automated production lines were installed.

In the shops where sterility is maintained, various types of face and hand cream, eau de toilette, lipstick, powder, shampoo, toothpaste and a large variety of scented soap are produced. Among the new products developed at the factory, TASS correspondent was shown a cream for the treatment of corns on the legs and a special dyeing shampoo.

The extract of the famous Kaesong ginseng and other natural raw materials that are useful for human skin are added to most of the products of the "Unhasu" factory. In addition to the already familiar cosmetics with the addition of aloe, propolis and apricot kernel oil, the Pyongyang enterprise produces quite exotic products, for example, shampoo with chitosan, which is contained in sea crab shells, and soap with royal jelly. A nourishing lotion with ginseng restores skin elasticity and stimulates blood circulation, said the company director. It had previously won the top prize at one of the cosmetic exhibitions in Japan which in his opinion confirms the high level of product quality.

2019/05/22 ТАSS (ru)
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